Nigeria Trainer Reunion

On July 15 Scott is traveling to Southern California to meet up with the team he joined in November of 2016 to teach Christian attorneys in Nigeria.  The team will reunite to train pastors and counselors Conflict Coaching and Mediation skills.  Below is a report that Scott submitted in January 2017 to those that supported the Nigerian trip through the CrossWalk Ministries.

Thank you for supporting the CrossWalk Mission project to Nigeria.  Continue reading “Nigeria Trainer Reunion”



This past Sunday we were in our 30th church representing Baptist Church Planters and the vision of CrossRoad Baptist Church.  Each time we meet new people and catch up with friends.  We are amazed at the connections between churches as families have branched out.  We have also discovered at least two situations where someone had unintentionally endured our presentation twice because I had been in their church and another they were visiting.

This past Sunday we were treated to an opportunity to meet with the church’s missions committee.  How encouraging it is to gather with those that commit their time and energy to helping their church partner with missionaries.  Equipped with several of our previous prayer updates (they did their homework); they asked many great questions.  It was a positive and uplifting time!  We were glad that they too were impressed with what God has been doing bringing so many partners in such a short period of time!   Then they asked what percentage we needed to achieve before we would be “launched.”  That is always a tricky question, because we feel like we are already launched and that we are already ministering to churches.  But we know what they mean – “what’s next?”  Now we need to focus on partner raising until we reach the 40 for 30 promotion goals.  (see our progress here).  At that time, we can focus on recruiting, training and coaching more ITM pastors and their wives and our ministry will start to multiply.

Would you consider being part of the 40 for 30 and help us get to that next step?

Raw Material

baad7718-cfd5-4437-a406-5b5f51a0f8a3We had a free night this past Sunday so we stopped in at the church where Scott and I started our ministry together in our early 20’s, Faith Baptist in Fort Dodge.  Their interim pastor Dr. Brown shared a verse that reminded me of God’s work in our lives. 2 Corinthians 4:7, “But we have this treasure in earthen vessels, that the excellency of the power may be of God, and not of us.”  I am eternally grateful that this church was willing to invest in Scott as a teen, and again with us as a young couple while still in Bible College.  They showered patience and love on some raw materials back then.  Now in the “Fall” of life I’m thankful He is still working and shaping this earthen vessel so that I can display the power of God!

RW360 + IPM = ITM (Melding my Ministry Worlds)

There are two entities that have shaped my thinking about my current role at Baptist Church Planters.  Interim Pastor Ministries (IPM) is a long-standing training ground for intentional interim pastors.  They have placed over 1500 pastors over the years.  Marti and I attended one of their two-day trainings in April of 2018.  Their systematic approach to helping churches in transition is built upon a proven five step approach.  They have hundreds of active interim pastors and wives that converged on the Trinity campus in Deerfield for additional training this week.

The keynote speaker at IPM is a man I have followed since 1999, Ken Sande.  Ken taught a pre-conference at one of the Biblical Counseling annual meetings I attended.  I fell in love with the peacemaking materials instantly and pursued certification as a Christian Conciliator.    In 2012 the Relational Wisdom 360 ministry was developed because of Ken’s desire to get upstream of conflict.  Sande’s knack for organizing and illustrating biblical principles was evident in these tools as well.  I am honored to be a certified Relational Wisdom instructor.

God is gracious to allow us to see these ministries collaborating to strengthen interim pastors and their wives.  It is our heart’s desire to offer these vast experiences and practical teaching to ITM pastors and wives to help Baptist churches across the nation.

Ministry Opportunities

We love that we can minister to pastors and churches while we raise partner support!  This past week we encouraged three pastors, taught a four-hour Biblical Peacemaking Seminar to over 75 church staff, and shared Biblical Peacemaking principles and the importance of our ITM ministry.  God used CrossRoad Baptist, our sending church, to put us in this strategic position.  Without their investment in us we would not have some of these opportunities.

Now that we are officially “launched” we need to put more emphasis on closing the gap so that we can continue having these opportunities.  We are currently at 64% (thanks to our early investors) and would like to move up another 20% over the summer through our 40 for 30 promotion.

We would love to have you as a financial partner!  Check out the 40 for 30 link or contact us if you are interested.

A Chore and More

A long winter and a busy spring have kept us from the chore of mowing.  Fitting it in between rains can be challenging, but once we get it done, I feel a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.  For me it is more than a homeowner chore, it also reminds me of God’s care for us. Jesus said the following in Matthew 6: Continue reading “A Chore and More”

Sunny Colorado

We are excited to be able to spend some time in Sunny Colorado.  God provided a beautiful day for Mother’s Day.  Not only did we have an awesome time with kids and grand-kids, we were able to connect with Marty and Susan.  They are doing an excellent job in their new placement as ITM Pastor (intentional interim) and wife.   We were challenged by Marty’s sermon and enjoyed worshiping with the church.  The events leading up to this opportunity is a testimony of God’s sovereign timing.   Our initial plan was not to even explore the possibilities of installing an ITM Pastor for months, but God had other plans. Continue reading “Sunny Colorado”

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