40 for 30

We are officially in full-time partner raising mode and we are very nostalgic! Many of you have heard our story about the 40 people that partnered with us 30 years ago (if not, please connect with us so we can share that story).  We thought it would be fun to raise  an additional 40 investing units at $30 per month (this will bring us to a point where we can focus on mission work).  Scott likes the $30 per month because it comes to 360 per year and that fits nicely with his Relational Wisdom 360.  Marti likes $30 because it seems so doable at $1 per day.  Scott likes the number 40 because it has so much meaning in the Bible (BTW he has a funny story about his numerology fail).  Marti for the most part does not like numbers, so she is going along with it since we had 40 partners 30 years ago 😊.

We would love to have 40 people, but we are counting units of 30 in case people want to invest more.  So if you want to partner for $30 per month = 1 Unit ; $60 per month = 2 Units ; $120 per month = 4 Units; $180 per month = 6 Units.

You can also partner with us with a special gift – $360 = 1 Unit; $720 = 2 Units; $1080 = 3 Units; $1440 = 4 Units.

If you want to get started immediately, you can give online at this link  click the link then  click the donate at the left.  If you would like an auto draft or to send your commitment to BCP you can use the documents below.

We will keep the chart updated, the central number will count down and we will color in the slices.

Donation options form

Declaration of intent for financial partnership

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