April Update

Temps in the upper 70’s tempted us to believe that we skipped Spring and went right into Summer.  However, we have been Iowans long enough to know we would be using our furnace again. Welcome to April! After “Wintering in Minnesota”  we had two months filled with travel and connections.  God allowed us to travel to conferences in Illinois, Nebraska and Iowa.  We spoke in two churches, to pastoral students at a college, and to camp counselors.  The month was filled with other connects as we provided consultation to a dozen pastors/churches. We had several important partner and potential partner discussions.

May looks a bit different as we focus on four responsibilities:

  1. Finishing up our Last Dozen:  The gracious provision of our sending church, CrossRoad Baptist, and other generous gifts allowed us to fill our financial gap through 2021.  In order to maintain our monthly need beyond 2021 we need to raise an additional $1200 per month of committed partnerships.  To add some fun to the task, we started our Last Dozen (of $100) promotion.  For about 5 years we enjoyed eggs from our own hens.  When we started our missionary travels we needed to find a new home for our hens.  In honor of our “pets” we are using eggs in a carton to track our progress.  We saw God add $750 per month in the first quarter of 2021, so we are confident He can provide Our Last Dozen by the end of the year.  You can track our progress at the website below: https://scottmartiowen.wordpress.com/dozen/
  • Developing ITM training materials:  Our goal is to develop a team of trained interims to carry out the plans established during Comprehensive Onsite ITM (8 week program) at churches in transition.  These men will be equipped to serve in their own geographical region under the supervision of ITM.  This will multiply the number of churches we can serve and provide opportunity for interims to have  more intentional and fruitful experiences.  Please pray as we develop the training materials, refine the process and present the first class.
  • Maintaining ITM and Church Facilitations:  Currently the Basingers are in a Comprehensive Onsite ITM.  There will be 6 months of follow up after they finish.  Next week we begin the 6 month remote follow up for Calvary of Rochester, MN.  Scott will also supervise several churches that are part of the Leadership Journey ministry of BCP.  This is critical to the goal to help churches multiply. 
  • Finishing up our house project:  God has supplied us with a great stewardship responsibility with this house in Wellman, Iowa.  We took it over to settle the estate of Marti’s Mom.  It was part of God’s plan to help us down-size from our house in Ames area, but it needs much renovation.  Many hours have been donated by friends to help us make exceptional progress.  The next three months should allow us to make good progress on the house so that we can focus on Fall trainings.  You can track progress on the Wellman project at:

Thanks for praying!  Another goal in the next three months is to connect with our praying  friends.

Would you be willing to have a video call with us?  Please email us to set up a time to chat!

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