New Gadget: The Instant Pot!

Juicy, tender chicken in 15 minutes!  All because of an upgrade!  One of my gracious clients upgraded her Instant Pot and gifted me her old one.  She had no idea that I had secretly wanted one for some time and that she was being used of the Lord in a special way. This simple gadget is another reminder of God’s gifts to His children.  As I pondered on this I recognized that God gives gifts in other packages as well… financial loss, health difficulties, challenging relationship, etc.  Just as my “new” Instant Pot transformed some semi-frozen chicken breasts into a delicious meal.  God’s “pressure cooker” can transform us into the image of His Son (Romans 8:29). 

Recipe: 5 lbs chicken breast (can be frozen) -1 1/2 cups chicken broth or bone broth. -Place chicken and broth in Instant Pot. -Lock the lid and set on sealing -Hit the poultry button and it will automatically start cooking for 15 min. -When it’s finished cooking (It will beep) hit the cancel button and let cool for 5-10 min. -Move vent leaver to venting. (Use pot pad when doing this so the release of steam does not burn you) When it’s done steaming then it’s done! Remove the lid and season before serving.

I would love to hear from you Instant Pot cooks your favorite recipes! I like having a meal all done when I come home from church, have you adapted a meal in the Instant Pot that works for a Sunday meal? 

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